• Member for over 20 years of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers


    Over 30 years experience in the Plumbing and Heating Industry and a time served apprenticeship of 4 years graduating with a City and Guilds Advanced qualification.


    I have been self employed and a subcontractor in the UK, my work has been diverse from large organisations such as the Health Service, Rail Service to building sites both large and small, together with rented properties and domestic properties.


    My work has varied from large scale industrial plumbing using 100mm iron pipe to small bore domestic copper tubing. I have serviced and repaired both commercial and domestic boilers, cookers, water heaters together with other elements involved in heating and plumbing systems. Another aspect of work has included Gas Safety Checks on commercial and domestic properties.


    I have a vast experience in domestic bathroom and central heating installations as this formed the largest portion of my work.


    Having lived in the Vendee since 2008, I continue to offer my services from changing a tap washer and bathroom installations to full heating systems, breakdowns, repairs and servicing of Gas/LPG/Oil fired appliances together with other associated plumbing for domestic properties as well as Builders, Estate Agents and local business owners.


    Although based in the Vendee, I do cover the borders of the neighbouring Departments.


    Après un apprentissage de 4 ans, et l'obtention de mon CAPS supérieur en Angleterre, j'ai acquis mon expérience de 29 années en exerçant dans des lieux tant insolites que formateurs tel que les églises, les établissements pour handicapés, les commerces & industries, les centres de loisirs,...etc.


    J'ai également beaucoup travaillé dans les habitations domestiques,

    je me suis spécialisé dans la création et l'installation de salles de bains

    Je possède également mes licences pour les installations de gaz, pouvant ainsi réaliser vos travaux de chauffage, chauffe-eau, appareils de cuisson...


    Passionné par ce métier et ses nouvelles technologies, je me tiens régulièrement informé des nouvelles méthodes de travail et je me ferais un plaisir de vous les faire découvrir.


    Que vous soyez entrepreneur en bâtiment, agent immobilier, propriétaire privée, particulier, ... n'hésitez pas à me contacter